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Vicinity of Omaha Avenue in Amarillo
Our house was built in 1958 and was originally insulated with rock wool. Over the years the insulation has packed down, and we've seen an increase in ice dams on the north side of the roof at the front porch. Also, rooms in the northwest side of the house tend to be either warmer or cooler depending on the season. I would like to schedule a time for a technician to come out (preferably after 4 PM on Tue, Thur or Fri when I'm off work) to give us an estimate for blown in insulation in the attic. I know doing this will save us money in the long term. Please leave a message on the number provided, as I work in a call center and have my phone muted during the day. I'll call back to confirm an appointment day & time. Thank you.
Vicinity of Crain Pl in Amarillo
My clothes in closet get dust on them and my bathroom. Counter is constantly covered with dust and I've seen fiber thingies on my bathroom counters.
Vicinity of Portland in Amarillo
I have spray foam in my attic but I'm afraid there is not enough. Can you come out and take a look to see and give me an estimate to overspray the existing foam?
Vicinity of Tarter Avenue in Amarillo
I am going to be building a 30'x50'x12' steel building and was curious as to what price I am going to have to pay to have the building insulated using spray foam. I will eventually be building an apartment inside so I will need it to be pretty secure insulation.
Vicinity of Saddleback in Amarillo
I plan on constructing a 30'x50' barn. I am just trying to gather budget figures and want an estimate of what spray foam insulation will cost on a 30'x50'x12'(sidewall height)barn with one 12'x10' roll up door and two walk through doors.
Vicinity of in Amarillo
I'm trying to find what's causing me to have such high electric bills every winter. I do like my house warm, but my bills in the summer in my all electric house are < $200, and my most recent bill for January this year was $529! Somewhere I'm losing $300 in just my heating costs, since I use approximately the same amount of energy with every thing else (dishwasher, washer/dryer etc) in the summer as I do in the winter. I need to see what I can do to make it run more efficeintly. Am I losing heat in the ductwork? In the fireplace? Is the heating unit just not operating properly? Do I need more insulation? I need to see what's going on, and this seemed like a good place to start. Please contact me and let me know what you suggest. Thanks!
Vicinity of S Blessen Rd in Amarillo
I would like an estimate of wall foam insulation and attic rafter spray foam
Vicinity of Tanglewood Road in Amarillo
Heating unit for single wide mobile home.
Vicinity of Lago Vista in Amarillo
Price to blow in attic on 24x30 garage new construction
Vicinity of Sheldon Rd in Amarillo
We just bought this house and my concerns are that there is nothing over the garage but wood although the rest of the attic has insulation through out, nothing on the ceiling of the attic. This house was built in 1996 and feel certain the insulation behind the bricks is less than adequate. We are not in a position to change doors and windows, We love the house, we knew it was older but it has been kept up very well. I would like an estimate that would include the attic and insulation between the bricks and the interior walls if possible. Thank you, Cindy
Vicinity of in Amarillo
Do u do closed cell foam roofs ? We have a flat roof we want to do. Please call
Vicinity of Imperial in Amarillo
I have a 1430 sq ft home that I would like blown in cellulose insulation and am curious of a ballpark cost on doing that.My attic ladder access is in my garage and easily accessible.
Vicinity of Jameson Drive in Amarillo
We are noticing a large amount of dust coming in to the house and our heating and cooling systems run frequently
Vicinity of in Amarillo
Wanting guesstimate price per square foot on foam for 2X4X8 foot walls on a bathroom/closet addition i am planning; around 700 square feet. Also, cost for insulating rafters, 2X4, in my attic in leui of blowing more insulation in attic. Approximately 2400 Square foot home with 4/12 pitch roof.
Vicinity of Colonial Street in Amarillo
I need estimate for under construction new home
Vicinity of Tripp Ave in Amarillo
I want to know more about foam insulation for the walls, my dining room is hoter or colder than ther rest of the house.